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This is the 'Tools' page! here I'll be explaining the various tools I have linked, and providing you with tips and tricks as well. the tools on this page include: name generators, map creators, emblem creators, puzzles, various DM resources (player resources to follow!), useful sites, safety systems and more.
Fantasy Name Generators - name, background, description, etc generators
this website has it all- DND speific name gens, general ones, modern, sci-fi, cultural, and more. not to mention the other gens it offers the constant updating, and it's sister site, Roll for Fantasy! it also has a feature that allows you to save names you like
Kobold Fight Club - encounter builder and balancer
and extremely useful tool with tons of the monsters from DND. it allows you to build an encounter, and tells you the general difficulty of the encounter. I find myself using this to check and see if something is going to be too easy or too hard.